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Siege of Lexington, MO. Battle Reenactment

Hosted by US Muddy River Battalion 

Plans are currently in the works for a major reenactment of the 1861 Siege of Lexington, Missouri at Big River Ranch and throughout the town of Lexington. While those details are still being finalized, the U.S. Muddy River Battalion is pleased to announce that it will be portraying the Regiment of Colonel Everett Peabody's 13th Missouri Infantry & also the 2 Companies of Major Robert Van Horns Kansas City Battalion. Both of these units were combined at the time & fought at Lexington as a single Regiment. Both organizations were armed and equipped by the state of Missouri with Muskets, Leathers & haversacks but at the time of the siege, they had not received uniforms. There is also a well documented friendly fire incident recorded during the fighting in the town Cemetary in which the 23rd Illinois Irish brigade mistook Peabody's men for Missouri State Guard & fired several volleys into them. This is all pretty much new research that has been uncovered since the Lexington 150th event back in 2011 and never before has Peabody's and Van Horns impression been properly done like this. Muddy River has committed to doing it right for the 2018 event. In fact, we have reached out to our friends of the Holmes Brigade trying to coordinate with them and letting them pursue the 23rd Illinois Irish impression so that way there are not 2 separate organizations portraying the same unit (like what happened back in 2011 for the 150th. It is important that we do it right for this Lexington event! 

Men of the Muddy River (and anyone who wants to fall in with us for the Peabody/Van Horn impression) are hereby given plenty of notice - nearly a year - in order to get their Civilian impression together. 

This will require more than just "not wearing your jacket" and fighting with civilian shirt and sky-blues. We want to push for as many as possible & for everyone to get proper civilian trousers and Jacket. This was talked about extensively at the recent battalion congress meeting and plans are underway to help those who might need it. 

This page will be updated with additional information about the event as we receive it and also other things we have in the works to help you guys start preparing for a solid civilian 13th Missouri & Van Horn impression. Stay tuned!

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