Lexington Arts Council



Lexington Arts Council

Located in historic Lexington, Missouri, the arts council is dedicated to bringing art to this great community.

Inspiring Success in All Arts


We support all arts!

Whether it's cooking, acting, music, or endless other medias, the arts council stands behind them all. Click below to explore what Lexington has to offer.


Want to be involved?

The arts council always appreciates help, whether it be financial or volunteers. Any amount of help, helps the community grow and spreads art everywhere. Click below to find out ways to help Lexington Arts Council!


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Lexington, MO was founded in 1822 and offers lots of rich history. We provide lots of events open to every community. Click below to find us.

Check These Events Out!


River City Players


Lexington Wind Symphony (Next concert Nov, 2019)

2019 Art Show Winners